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Since 1999, we have focused on real estate investment, the trade and management of property.

We have an in-depth knowledge of the market and a vast experience in all aspects property to support you in real estate investment.

The goal is to create sustainable assets together for present and future generations. We see ourselves primarily as project developers and investors.

Our streamlined working practices allow us to respond quickly to the dynamics of the market and to take advantage of the opportunities within.

Investment foCus

With the focus on Berlin and Croatia in real estate investments, we offer you two contrasting locations, from the vibrant city life of Berlin

up to the idyllic retreat set in the breathtaking nature of Croatia.

We are committed to diversity and flexibility

The free development of each employee and introduction of their different skills sets are reflected in our broad-based expertise. This in turn helps to form the success of the Company. 



Without the correct values and working atmosphere within the company we can’t assist investment opportunities of our 

customers in the best possible way.


That’s why our values shape actions. We display our expertise, honesty and loyalty for all to see, so that we can lay the groundwork for a long-term, trustful path with you.


We are responsible and understanding, we will support your individual path to independency by investing in sustainable assets.

Taking into accout your current, medium-term and long-term needs so that you are satisfied. This is the basis for economic success and lays the foundation for future generations.


It s impossible to work in a conventional way and achieve something extraordinary.

That’s why we look forward to meeting you.