Current situation

If the common financial products are not capable of generating returns, like the zero interest rate or negative interest rate, the policy of the banks for saving deposits or long-term investments of insurance companies, saving can't succeed, even with reduction of consumption, which means a waiver of quality of life, what’s the reasonable alternative?

Property as an investment

Property as an investment is a protected investment property with great potential for appreciation, in which the rental income generate returns. Furthermore, it is inflation-protected, secure, reliable and predictable. The often dreaded vacancy is excluded in good locations, especially in metropolitan regions such as Berlin, where the demand for housing is increasing steadily. The reason is obvious, housing cannot be multiplied arbitrarily. Therefore you receive tax rewards from the state when you offer residential space.


Investment location berlin

In addition to the potential for development to a world metropolis, low purchase prices of real estate in the Berlin market make it a lucrative investment platform. Here we offer quality of life and interesting properties with an optimal mix for long-term, sustainable and successful investing.

Our investment focus is currently on multi-family homes and condominiums as investments.



Every year, Emerging Trends Europe analyses the real estate markets of the major European cities and provides ranked investment prospects. With its economic conditions, Berlin is since 2015 on the top position of all European metropoles. Berlin’s real estate market was previously dominated by domestic investors, but now it is attracting international investors, € 3,2 billion of deals were transacted in the first three quarters of 2017. Berlin is more liquid and cheaper. Although rents and property prices have risen, Berlin is very inexpensive in comparison to any city in the EU.

As a growing European media center (TMT hotspot) Berlin rises attraction, especially as a residence for young people. Demographic trends and economic conditions put Berlin again in first place for the investment outlook for 2018.