Our fully administration service

The management of a rented condo is associated with a  workload. Therefore, we are working on your behalf as an administrator.

Customer-oriented and professional team at JCI takes over the tasks that arise in a property management, In your interest we work trustful and transparent manner. We act need-oriented and keep closeness to owner and tenants. 

Especially for buyers residing outside of the investment location, this represents an enormous relief.

our SERVICE - package includes

- Renting & handover - Handling a change of tenant, including apartment inspection
- Collection of rental payments and settlement with the owner
- Regulation of the rental deposits
- Verification of rental increase opportunities and realization
- Admonition of debtors and possible initation of the dunning procedure
- Operating expenses billings with the tenants
- General correspondence with the tenant
- Assignment of craftsmen, inspection of construction work